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Product Overviews

Pressure Measurement

Our pressure measurements span from -100kPa vacuum to +250MPa pressure, featuring brass or stainless-steel wetted parts.

These instruments are available in all popular process connection sizes and case diameters, ensuring compatibility with your specific requirements.

Temperature Measurement

Our temperature measurements range from -40°C to +600°C, featuring brass or stainless-steel wetted parts, and are available in all popular stem sizes, capillary lengths, and case diameters.

We also provide solid drilled and fabricated thermowells in stainless steel 316 and other exotic materials, manufactured to order.

Diaphragm Seals

Our diaphragm seals are designed to protect pressure instruments from aggressive, hot, corrosive, or solidifying media, making them suitable for various applications in the general industrial, dairy, brewery, chemical, pharmaceutical, and process industries.

The wetted parts are available in all popular sizes with threaded, clamped, or flanged process connections, crafted from stainless steel 316 or other exotic materials to ensure durability and compatibility with various media.

Pressure Test Kits

Our easy-to-handle, robust testing kits are designed for efficient troubleshooting on hydraulic, air, and vacuum systems. Housed in lightweight, powder-coated metal cases with convenient storage compartments for spare fittings and hoses, these kits are available in three sizes to suit your needs.

Each kit can accommodate up to 16 pressure gauges, with measurement ranges from -100kPa vacuum to +100MPa pressure, providing a versatile solution for a variety of testing applications.

Gauge Accessories

To safeguard your instruments and extend their service life, SA Gauge offers a comprehensive range of protective accessories. Our selection includes pressure gauge cocks, syphon tubes, capillary assemblies, rubber protection covers, overpressure protection devices, as well as snubbing and damping devices.

These accessories are available in all popular process connection sizes and materials, ensuring compatibility and optimal protection for your pressure measurement instruments in various industrial applications.

Commitment to Excellence

With a commitment to excellence and precision, SA Gauge delivers reliable and durable instruments essential for a variety of industrial applications.

Comprehensive Range

Whether you need accurate pressure measurement, temperature monitoring, or pressure testing solutions, our comprehensive range of products ensures optimal performance and safety.

Preferred Choice

Explore our range of products and discover why SA Gauge is the preferred choice for industrial-quality instrumentation across Southern Africa and beyond.

Customised Solutions

SA Gauge offers a complete range of industrial-quality bimetal measurement instruments, crafted to the highest standards for superior accuracy, reliability, and durability.

We can produce special design and OEM specification pressure gauges upon request, ensuring customized solutions for your unique industrial needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accredited Calibration Laboratory

Our state-of-the-art calibration laboratory is accredited to SANAS ISO/IEC 17025:2017, ensuring internationally traceable accuracies for all your instrumentation needs.

We provide comprehensive calibration certificates for all brands, not just our own, guaranteeing precise and reliable measurements every time.

Trust SA Gauge for industry-leading calibration services that meet the highest international standards.

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