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Gauge Accessories

High-quality industrial gauge accessories proudly manufactured and distributed throughout Southern Africa and beyond.

Safeguard your instruments and extend their service life with our comprehensive range of protective accessories. Our selection includes pressure gauge cocks, syphon tubes, capillary assemblies, rubber protection covers, overpressure protection devices, as well as snubbing and damping devices.

These accessories are available in all popular process connection sizes and materials, ensuring compatibility and optimal protection for your pressure measurement instruments in various industrial applications.

General Purpose Pressure Gauge

Gauge Cock

Intended to isolate the pressure measuring instrument from the pressure source, or to vent the connected instrument and put it in a pressure free condition in order to increase the instrument service life.


  • Material brass
  • 1/4”, 3/8” 1/2” BSP fixed female ends
  • Female Swivel and other configurations on
  • Max. pressure 2500kPa
  • Max. temperature 50°C
General Purpose Pressure Gauge

Syphon Tubes

Syphon tubes are intended to protect the pressure measuring instrument from steam or other excessively hot process media, in order to increase the instrument service life.


  • Material: 1/4″ Shed 40 mild or s/steel tube U shape or trumpet shape (pigtail) with threaded gauge adaptors
  • 1/4, 3/8” 1/2″ BSP male or female ends standard
  • Female swivel on request
  • Max. pressure 16MPa
  • Max. temperature 400°C
General Purpose Pressure Gauge

Cooling Towers

Solid machined radiator type cooling towers are intended to protect the instrument from damage by excessively high process media temperatures. Recommended when process temperatures exceed 100°C.


  • Solid machined stainless steel 316
  • 1/2” BSP female gauge connection x 1/2” BSP male process connection (Other sizes on request)
  • pressure 60MPa
  • temperature 300°C
General Purpose Pressure Gauge

Gauge Adaptors

Intended for installation of instruments and accessories. Useful where mismatching of instruments to process connection threads occurs.


  • Material brass or stainless
  • 1/4”, 3/8” 1/2” BSP/NPT male or female ends
  • Female Swivel & other configurations on
  • Pressure Brass-60MPa.. S/Steel 160MPa
General Purpose Pressure Gauge

Sealing Washers

Intended to facilitate a leak-proof connection between instrument and process connection. The specially profiled seal version enables the correct setting of the gauge face for readability through a half-turn rotation after sealing.


  • Material – copper, aluminium, s/steel, and PTFE
  • Suitable for 1/4”,3/8”, 1/2” BSP connections
  • Pressure 160MPa (Material dependant)
General Purpose Pressure Gauge

Capillary Assemblies

Capillary assemblies are intended to protect the instrument from damage by vibration or high process temperatures. Enables remote reading of pressure gauges.


  • Stainless steel capillary tube with or without spiral armour protection
  • 1/2” BSP female gauge connection x 1/2” BSP male process (Other sizes on request)
  • Max. pressure 60MPa
  • Max. temperature 500°C
General Purpose Pressure Gauge

Pressure Gauge Cover

Intended for the protection of pressure gauges against impact damage. Ideal for protecting handheld test gauges against accidental bumping, dropping or rough handling


  • Protection against accidental dropping or rough handling
  • Extending the service life of the instrument.
  • PVC, Natural rubber or HD polyethylene foam
  • 63,100,160mm Suitable for bottom or rear mounting gauges without mounting flanges

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