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Gauge FAQs

Our Gauge FAQs will help you get the most from our pressure gauges, thermometers, diaphragm seals, and pressure testing kits.

Diaphragm Seal

Correct choice of diaphragm seal for a pressure gauge or transmitter

Modern process manufacturing procedures demand ever greater accuracy and reliability from their pressure measuring instruments and in some applications, where there are chemical or hygiene considerations, it may be necessary to isolate the pressure measuring instrument from the process medium.

Diaphragm Seal

How to look after your pressure gauge

Pressure and temperature gauges are very widely used on process plants. Gauges are relatively inexpensive, and because they are installed in large numbers, maintenance can be neglected, resulting in unreliable and compromised instruments. Some plants choose not to replace failed gauges until they have to, and sometimes that is too late.

neglected gauge

Neglected pressure gauges can lead to downtime and disaster

A properly maintained, calibrated gauge will accurately indicate how the system is performing. Part of that function is to enable early detection of potential plant failures or accidents. Poorly maintained, inaccurate gauges can compromise a plant’s ability to detect potential problems. Accidents, damage and injury to equipment and personnel is often the result.

Diaphragm Seal

Process conditions affect pressure gauges

All process and ambient factors should be considered when selecting and installing pressure-measuring devices. The following is intended as a guideline from SA Gauge to assist with selecting the appropriate instrument.

Diaphragm Seal

Why and how pressure gauges should be calibrated

Basic pressure gauge calibration is the comparison of measurement values of a unit under test (your gauge) with those of a more accurate calibrated reference instrument. This instrument is normally traceable to National Standards (NMISA).

Diaphragm Seal

Protecting pressure gauges and transmitters against water hammer

Water hammer is a high pressure surge or wave created by the kinetic energy of moving fluid when it is rapidly forced to stop or change direction, altering the liquid’s velocity. Rapid stopping or starting or changing of direction of an incompressible fluid like water or oil in a system is caused by a variety of valves or pumps.

Diaphragm Seal

How to select and order pressure gauges

Care must be taken to ensure a safe working environment when selecting and ordering a pressure gauge or thermometer. The following information can assist with the selection.

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